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Motion to Mindfulness

If you do not change direction, you might end up where you are heading"~ Lao Tzu

The embodied Self & Self Development

Psychotherapy, Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation all seek to heal the split between the Mind body so we can live life in a more whole and Embodied way. Embodied Being is the capacity to be fully present to and accepting of ourselves and our experience in the here and now. Honoring our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual experience.

What does it mean to be 'fully Embodied' ?

Being "embodied" Signifies:

  • Feeling at home in your body
  • Connection to the subtle body and inner resources of creativity, intuition inspiration, connection to inner potential & inner guidance
  • Connection to your Dreams
  • Feeling connected to your body and your feelings in a safe manner
  • Ability to recognise and correct cognitive distortions about yourself
  • Connection to and acceptance of all parts of yourself
  • Self Compassion
  • Connection to your sense of Self, your soul
  • Ability to identify inner needs and tend to them appropriately
  • Ability to set healthy boundaries
  • Ability to self soothe and recognise signs of stress and agitation in the body

    Through Depth Psychotherapy, Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation we can gain insight in to the relationship we have to ourselves, on all levels:
  • Mentally
  • - The way we view ourselves, The different scripts or roles we have adopted over the course of our lifetime, The way we talk to ourselves internally.
  • Emotionally
  • - Our relationship to the wounded parts of ourselves, The different emotional layers that we build up to protect us, Reconising where we hold difficult emotions such as hurt, grief, anger.
  • Physically
  • - Becoming aware of where we hold stress in the body, Becoming aware of Trauma held in the body, Recognising how the body holds what the Psyche cannot, Connecting to the wisdom of the body and inner feelings, intuitions and senses. Connection to the subtle body.
  • Spiritually
  • -Connecting to our meaning & purpose, Connecting to our intuition and inner guidance. Realising inner potential.

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    Jennifer Levy Registered Psychotherapist & Counsellor
    M.A., PGDipls. & Adv.Psych., Dipls.DR., MBACP., UKCP Accred.

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